Dianabol results Before and After: 7 Incredible Transformations

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Witness the remarkable Dianabol results before and after with a detailed analysis by our expert. Understand the true potential of Dbol for muscle growth and strength. Seeking guidance on Dianabol usage? Get professional insights on proper cycles, dosing, and realistic expectations.

Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) serves as a potent anabolic steroid favored by bodybuilders to dramatically increase muscle size and strength.

Dianabol results before and after with a detailed analysis by our expert

Renowned for its robust mass-building properties, Dianabol has become the preferred oral steroid, particularly after Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement and its reputed role in crafting his iconic Mr. Olympia physique of the 1970s.

Occasionally, novice bodybuilders opt for Dianabol as their inaugural steroid cycle, attracted to the rapid and significant results. Nevertheless, due to Dianabol’s potential negative impact on cholesterol levels and liver function, it may be better suited for those with intermediary experience in steroid usage.

To discover the optimal steroids for first-time users, refer to this article.

Dianabol Results Before and After Visuals:

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The individual featured above selected Dianabol for their initial steroid cycle. From our observations, the extent of the size increase he achieved is generally expected from beginners when utilizing moderate doses (15 mg–20 mg per day) for a 5–6-week period.

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However, for intermediate steroid users who have previously engaged with anabolic steroids, such as Testosterone, Dianabol might not yield as striking results due to their bodies’ adaptation to earlier steroid use. Still, Dianabol has demonstrated its superior capacity for bulking over Testosterone, as we have witnessed significant muscle mass improvements.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger: Dianabol results Before and After

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It has been speculated that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daily dosage of Dianabol was 15 mg, inferred from Frank Zane’s training logs which indicated common dosages of the golden-era bodybuilders. Arnold’s transformation showcases the long-term gains from consistent Dianabol use in conjunction with other steroids, such as Deca Durabolin and Primobolan.

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It is important to clarify that merely consuming Dianabol does not guarantee a physique akin to Arnold’s, for he already exhibited remarkable musculature naturally. Arnold’s discipline in training and diet was also exceptional. Nonetheless, the extent of progress depicted in the provided images can be attainable with years of dedicated Dianabol use, paired with diligent effort.

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Notably, during Arnold’s era, bodybuilders had access to genuine, pharmaceutical-grade methandrostenolone provided by physicians. Nowadays, black-market procured Dianabol could be under-dosed, with a labeled 15 mg/day potentially containing only 5 mg/day. This indicates that a dosage considered low by current expectations was effective in the past, emphasizing the principle that with steroids, a smaller amount can achieve more.

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Weight Gain

Typically, Dianabol is known to contribute to a weight increase of 30 pounds for first-timers, based on our experience. Of this, roughly 10 lbs may be attributed to water retention, with the remainder as lean muscle.

Due to this substantial water retention, Dianabol often leads to bloating or a swollen muscular appearance, hence its common use in the off-season rather than during times when aesthetics are more crucial, such as beach season.

The primary goal with Dianabol, therefore, is to accumulate mass rather than fine-tune physical definition.

Muscular Strength

Dianabol can also significantly enhance muscular strength. From our clinical encounters, users have added 40–50 pounds to their major compound lifts, including deadlifts, squats, and bench presses – and most manage to sustain the bulk of this new strength after concluding their cycle.

Fat Loss

Dianabol can further assist in reducing subcutaneous fat because it acts similarly to exogenous testosterone, which is known for its fat-burning properties.

However, the extent of fat loss typically correlates with the user’s dietary habits. Those who are in a calorie surplus for the sake of muscle and strength gains might find their fat loss obscured due to the additional fat accumulation. Conversely, if a user consumes maintenance calories while on Dianabol, it’s possible to both build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

Note: While water retention can conceal muscle definition and temporarily increase waist size, Dianabol users often look leaner after the completion of a Dianabol cycle.

Despite Dianabol’s potential to decrease visible subcutaneous fat, it may also raise visceral fat levels due to heightened estrogen causing insulin resistance. This can result in a bloated appearance. However, sensible dosages typically do not lead to noticeable increases in visceral fat, allowing for the maintenance of a narrow waist, demonstrated by Arnold and other vintage era bodybuilders.

How to Optimize Results on Dianabol

Achieving maximal outcomes with Dianabol depends on one’s commitment to consistent training, diet, and the structured cycle itself.

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For optimum results, it’s advisable for users to engage in regular and intensive training sessions since Dianabol remarkably improves muscle recovery, diminishing the possibility of overtraining. This enhanced recovery was one of the reasons the classic bodybuilders could sustain prolonged training sessions day after day.Training each muscle group once or twice per week is typically the least one should do to see substantial muscle development in bo dybuilding routines.

In addition to lifting, consuming a sufficient number of calories is crucial for promoting anabolic activities and protein creation. Hence, individuals often go for a mild caloric surplus of around 500 or more when using Dianabol. Some might prefer to ingest just enough calories to maintain their weight, especially if they’re monitoring potential increases in body fat.

One should abstain from alcohol while on Dianabol because of its hepatotoxic properties, which heighten the risk of liver damage (2). The body’s natural reaction to an overworked liver is to suppress appetite as a protective measure to ease the burden on the organ as it processes nutrients.

Should acute liver damage occur, the resulting decrease in calorie consumption can detrimentally impact bulking efforts while on Dianabol. Our patients frequently utilize TUDCA, a supplement known to reduce liver inflammation and damage (3).

Dianabol Stacks for Enhanced Gains

For those new to Dianabol, it is advisable first to try a solo cycle of Dianabol before combining it with other steroids. This allows the body to adjust to the effects of Dianabol.

Once accustomed to Dianabol, users may find that stacking it with Testosterone or Deca Durabolin leads to more impressive bulking results.

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Our observations note that stacking Testosterone or Deca Durabolin with Dianabol may lead to an additional weight increase of around 10 lbs. 

Testosterone and Deca Durabolin pair well with Dianabol because they exhibit less hepatotoxicity than many oral steroids. They are also injectable, which generally impacts cholesterol mildly, based on lipid profile studies (4), and are thus considered to be less risky for the heart compared to other anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS).

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that when Dianabol is used with other anabolic steroids, testosterone suppression may become more severe, potentially causing more damage to the HPTA axis and prolonging the time needed for the body’s natural testosterone production to recover.

Anadrol and Trenbolone are not typically recommended for stacking with Dianabol, despite their strong effects on muscle growth and strength. The reason is that Anadrol can worsen the risk of liver and heart damage, while Trenbolone can also lead to cardiac damage.


Is Dianabol safe?

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No anabolic steroid can be deemed entirely safe. However, they have been administered effectively and with control by medical professionals in appropriate circumstances.

Dianabol is not the most beginner-friendly steroid, given its potential to significantly raise cholesterol and liver enzyme levels. Still, intermediate steroid users who avoid excessive Dianabol dosages, allow for sufficient downtime between cycles, and adopt suitable lifestyle and supplement strategies, can maintain their health.


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Dr. Grant Fourie, a specialist in male hormones, is based in Cape Town, South Africa. He provides comprehensive treatments for conditions related to low testosterone, such as erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and mood changes. His methods include hormone replacement therapy and other modern treatment options. Contact me via email or phone to book personal appointment in my clinic: The Village Square, Cape Town - South Africa

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