Anavar Cycle Variations: 4 Different Approaches

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Embark on your Anavar cycle with confidence through our expert’s guide. Considering an Anavar cycle? Learn everything about dosages, timing, and stacking to maximize benefits and minimize risks from our seasoned bodybuilding professional.

Oxandrolone, commonly known as Anavar, is often considered the favorite steroid worldwide, used by a vast array of individuals across gender lines. Enthusiastic users sometimes administer Anavar continuously, similar to how testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is conducted.

Unlike many steroids that are typically male-centric, Anavar breaks the mold, earning the moniker ‘the girl steroid’ due to its popularity among female users.

Yet, it’s important to clarify that Anavar isn’t exclusively for women; numerous male strength athletes and powerlifters also turn to this steroid to reap its strength-enhancing benefits.

Embark on your Anavar cycle with confidence through our expert's guide.

The advantages of taking Anavar are widely recognized, as it has a dual effect — it augments lean muscle growth while concurrently reducing body fat percentage.

One of Anavar’s most celebrated qualities is its reputation as one of the least dangerous steroids in terms of adverse effects, making it a preferred choice for both women and children in clinical trials for therapeutic uses.

1. Anavar-Only Cycle

For those starting out or in an intermediate stage, an Anavar-only cycle can prove quite effective, particularly when the goal is fat loss with a simultaneous gain in lean muscle, even during a caloric deficit.

It has been observed that typically, women tend to stick to Anavar-only cycles whereas men, especially those with prior steroid experience, are more inclined to combine it with other agents.

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Starting with Anavar is an excellent strategy for beginners due to its milder nature compared to other steroids, minimizing the risk of severe adverse effects in those who have never used steroids before. It serves as an ideal introduction to the world of performance-enhancing compounds.

Out of caution due to prevalent concerns about steroids’ toxic effects, some first-time users have reported feeling more at ease beginning with Anavar because of its milder properties.

Anavar-Only Cycle (for Beginners)

For Men

Anavar cycle – only. Men

Men who are new to steroids may find a beginner’s Anavar-only cycle to be gentle and appropriate. The subsequent cycle might start at a 20mg dosage instead of 15mg and potentially extend up to 8 weeks.

Typical outcomes from an Anavar-only cycle

For Women

Anavar cycle – only. Women

For women who are newcomers to steroids, this specified regimen is advisable. Being vigilant with dosage and cycle duration is crucial to prevent masculine characteristics from developing.

Anavar has been identified as one of the most suitable steroids for females, with a lower incident rate of virilization symptoms like increased hair growth, clitoral enlargement, and reduced breast size. Nevertheless, these adverse effects, while rare, can still occur if Anavar is misused.

By adhering to a conservative cycle with small dosages and shortened durations, the likelihood of experiencing these side effects can be significantly lessened. Often, signs of virilization emerge gradually, so discontinuing the cycle at the first sign of concerns can prevent further symptoms.

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Typical results from an Anavar-only cycle (female)

2. Anavar and Testosterone Cycles

Note: This combination is advised only for male users due to the virilization risks testosterone poses for women.

If we were to recommend another steroid for beginners alongside Anavar, it would be testosterone.

Testosterone is esteemed for its optimal risk vs. reward balance, as far as our findings go.

It’s known for inducing significant muscle and strength gains and is often labeled as a bulking steroid.

Our studies show testosterone has a relatively low impact on the heart, not exerting the stress that other steroids might. Additionally, being an injectable, it doesn’t present a risk to the liver, which are our primary concerns in terms of heart and liver health amidst anabolic steroid use.

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Side effects will be more pronounced when combining Anavar with testosterone, including more noticeable testosterone suppression and a modest increase in cholesterol levels. We have also noted more frequent androgenic side effects, such as oily skin, acne, and hair loss on the scalp, when these substances are used in tandem.

Various forms of injectable testosterone include:

  • Test suspension
  • Test cypionate
  • Test enanthate
  • Test acetate
  • Test propionate
  • Sustanon 250

These variants of testosterone are essentially identical but are distinguished by their esters, which dictate the absorption rate and duration of the compound in the body. Testosterone enanthate and cypionate are favored for their cost-effectiveness and ease of administration.

Anavar and Test Beginner Cycle

Anavar cycle with Testosterone – for beginners.

*This regimen can be considered following an Anavar-alone cycle.*This regimen significantly boosts muscle hypertrophy and strength enhancement benefits beyond what would be achieved with Anavar alone.

The dosages here are modest, making them appropriate for those with minimal exposure to anabolic steroids. Nonetheless, it’s not advisable for virgin steroid users to embark on such a regimen (a combination approach is ill-advised in these cases).

Anavar & Test Intermediate Regimen

Anavar cycle with Testosterone. Intermediate

Ideal as a subsequent regimen to the initial Anavar and test cycle that’s mentioned earlier.

Intermediate users, with a history of individual Anavar and testosterone cycles, often opt for this regimen.

Exceeding the dosage recommendations outlined in this regimen can significantly amplify the likelihood of adverse effects, without a proportionate increase in benefits.

Anavar and Nebido (Oral Test) Regimen

For those averse to injections, here’s an oral regimen of Anavar combined with Testosterone (Nebido).

Nebido represents an oral form of testosterone, also known as Testosterone Undecanoate. It’s a preferred choice for many due to the non-invasive mode of administration, compared to injectable options.

The cost of oral testosterone, however, is notably higher than its injectable counterparts. When combined with the price of Anavar, this can lead to an exceedingly costly cycle (with expenses running into several hundred dollars).

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If your goal is to attain maximal gains through oral forms with minimized risks, this regimen is tailored for you.

Typically, oral steroids are notorious for their liver toxicity; however, Anavar and Nebido stand out as exceptions. Anavar is metabolized partly by the kidneys, which reduces the burdens placed on the liver, while long-term investigations have evidenced that Andriol does not impose hepatic strain.

A decade-long study on men using Nebido showed no significant elevation in ALT and AST levels (indicators of liver toxicity), which is in line with anecdotal observations.

Anavar cycle with Nebido.

Note: When consuming Nebido (Test Undecanoate), it’s critical to ingest the tablets alongside a high-fat meal or snack. Strive for a minimum of 19 grams of fat per dosage. Studies indicate that the bioavailability of oral testosterone is about 50% reduced if taken without food (1).

3. Anavar and Winstrol Regimens

For Men

Anavar cycle with Winstrol. For men

Boasting the status of the preeminent shredding cycle, participants can anticipate swift fat reduction and considerable muscle retention.

Anavar and Winstrol share numerous similarities, both facilitating a lean and cut physique. As oral steroids, they are primarily employed for fat loss during cutting phases.

Winstrol is identified as the more potent steroid between the two and is not recommended for novices due to its toxicity. Therefore, this regimen is best reserved for those at an intermediate or advanced level regarding steroid usage.

Expect the mild side effects commonly associated with Anavar, along with notable liver stress, testosterone suppression, and cardiovascular impact due to the inclusion of Winstrol.

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Considering the potent nature of Winstrol, this cycle is typically limited to 6 weeks, though some advanced users may extend it to 8 weeks.

Bodybuilders prepping for a contest often utilize such a rigorous cutting stack to drastically cut body fat while preserving lean muscle mass.

For Women

Anavar cycle with Winstrol. For Women

Winstrol is typically advised against for women, owing to its strong virilization risks.

Consequently, a minimal dose of Winstrol is proposed in the cycle to mitigate the risk of women encountering masculinization.

Despite reduced dosages, Winstrol’s sheer potency can still yield significant results.

This cycle is not for female beginners and should be considered only by females who have experienced several steroid cycles or have at least prior exposure to Anavar.

The incidence of masculinization symptoms can increase when Anavar is stacked with Winstrol, thus this combination should be considered under specific conditions, e.g., contest preparation where the objectives justify the means. For women pursuing general fitness, Anavar alone is typically adequate.

4. Anavar and Clenbuterol Cycle

Clenbuterol, a beta2-adrenergic antagonist (not a steroid), is often prescribed in the medical sphere as an anti-asthma remedy.

Its inclusion in a cutting cycle can dramatically enhance metabolic rate due to its significant impact on metabolism. Clenbuterol’s stimulation of the central nervous system leads to heightened adrenaline production, causing the body to heat and enter a thermogenic state, hence boosting fat loss even at rest.

There are studies indicating its strong anabolic effects in animals.

Anecdotally, its muscle-building impacts in humans don’t quite equal those seen in animal studies. Therefore, a cycle of Anavar and Clenbuterol typically results in rapid fat trimming accompanied by moderate advancements in muscle mass and strength.

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Owing to Clenbuterol’s stimulating effects, one can also expect a surge in energy levels and motivation.

Clenbuterol, akin to Anavar, comes in a convenient tablet form.Given that Clenbuterol isn’t classified as a steroid, it doesn’t present common steroid-related side effects like gynecomastia, liver toxicity, acne, or water retention.

The primary safety concern associated with Clenbuterol use involves the risk of cardiotoxicity, as it can significantly elevate an individual’s heart rate. It is advised to maintain short Clenbuterol cycles and refrain from use if cardiovascular health is compromised.

Clenbuterol and Anavar Cycles for Men

The approach for Clenbuterol cycles involves gradually increasing the dosage over time (by slightly raising the amount every few days until the peak dose is reached). This incremental increase serves two purposes.

First, starting with a lower dose allows individuals to assess their tolerance to Clenbuterol by steadily increasing the dosage. Initiating treatment with a high dose may lead to intense side effects like tremors, sleeplessness, and a rapid heartbeat.

Second, tolerance to Clenbuterol tends to develop swiftly; hence, adopting a graded dosing regimen enables the continued effectiveness of the drug in fat burning throughout the cycle. An example cycle is provided that spans 4 weeks; it’s not advised to conduct a Clenbuterol cycle longer than 6 weeks. Beyond this period, the body’s temperature usually returns to normal, indicating cessation of thermogenesis and, consequently, fat loss.

Anavar is administered at a dose of 20mg for a duration of 8 weeks, fitting for individuals with prior Anavar or other steroid experiences.

Anavar cycle with Clenbuterol. For Men

Clenbuterol and Anavar Cycles for Women

Clenbuterol is considered appropriate for women as it does not cause virilization side effects.

Unlike with steroids, where the dosage for women is generally less than men due to lower testosterone production, the Clenbuterol dose for women can be equivalent to that of men. That’s because Clenbuterol affects the central nervous system rather than testosterone levels.

Detailed below is a conservative Anavar dosing recommendation for female newcomers. More experienced users may start with a higher dosage, initiating at 10mg daily.

Anavar cycle with Clenbuterol. For Women

Anavar Cycle FAQ

Is Post-Cycle Therapy Necessary?

While Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) isn’t as crucial after an Anavar cycle due to its milder nature, it’s often done optionally.

Based on our observations, Anavar does not completely suppress testosterone levels; however, it does reduce them, requiring several weeks to bounce back to normal levels. Utilizing a PCT may expedite this recovery process.

During the recovery phase, individuals might experience fatigue, low spirits, and decreased libido post-cycle. These symptoms are not gender-specific.

Due to the influence of steroids on hormone levels, women may also sense a mild downturn post-Anavar cycle, even though their testosterone levels are much lower than men’s.

pct 1

For an Anavar-only cycle, an aggressive PCT isn’t obligatory. Men have seen positive outcomes when using either Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) or Clomid (Clomiphene) to aid in the restoration of their natural testosterone production. This approach has been found to be more than adequate.

  • Nolvadex should be taken at 40mg daily for 45 days, with 2 x 20mg pills consumed each day.
  • Clomid should be taken at 100mg daily for 30 days, with 2 x 50mg pills ingested each day.

PCT should commence approximately 57 hours after the last intake of Anavar, which corresponds to the time it takes for the substance to completely clear from the system.

The clearance time for a steroid can be estimated using the equation: 5.5 x half-life.

The half-life of Anavar is 9.4–10.4 hours.

Is Liver Support Necessary with Anavar?

Our findings suggest that Anavar does not pose a significant liver risk if used within reasonable dosage and cycle duration, thus many individuals forgo a liver support supplement.

Nonetheless, for maximal liver protection, one may consider taking TUDCA, which has been observed to lessen oxidative stress on the liver. Clinical studies have corroborated that TUDCA can significantly decrease liver markers such as ALT and AST, which are indicative of liver stress or damage.

liver impact 1

If Anavar is combined with other hepatotoxic oral steroids like Winstrol, Anadrol, or Dianabol — then a liver support supplement becomes crucial.

“Can Alcohol Be Consumed with Anavar?”

It is typically advised to avoid alcohol intake when on oral anabolic steroids to prevent additional liver stress. However, moderate alcohol consumption may be tolerable for users with good liver health.Some patients who ingested large volumes of alcohol while on oral steroid cycles showed only a slight increase in their liver enzymes (ALT/AST) compared to the normal range. Conversely, there have been instances of individuals abstaining from alcohol yet suffering from hepatic peliosis.

To determine whether one can safely consume low to moderate quantities of alcohol during a steroid cycle, monitoring of liver enzyme levels (ALT and AST) throughout the cycle is recommended.

It’s also worth mentioning that alcohol consumption raises cortisol levels, which may diminish the fat-reduction benefits of Anavar, making this a factor to consider.

Should you observe a yellowing of your skin or the whites of your eyes, or if you experience abdominal pain or discomfort, it’s crucial to discontinue the use of Anavar (and any other performance-enhancing drugs) immediately and consult a healthcare professional.

Where Do People Buy Anavar?

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Due to the Anabolic Steroids Control Act of 1990, Anavar is banned for use in bodybuilding. As a result, those who wish to include it in their regimen typically obtain it from the black market.

In practice, acquiring it from the black market often means purchasing through unauthorized drug dealers or unverified online sources.

However, this illegal procurement is fraught with risks including the possibility of receiving counterfeit products, substances laced with harmful additives, or underdosed Anavar.







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Dr. Grant Fourie, a specialist in male hormones, is based in Cape Town, South Africa. He provides comprehensive treatments for conditions related to low testosterone, such as erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and mood changes. His methods include hormone replacement therapy and other modern treatment options. Contact me via email or phone to book personal appointment in my clinic: The Village Square, Cape Town - South Africa

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